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College Apartment Chore Chart - Apartment life isn't easy when you live with messy people Learn how to Look no further than a trusty college roommate chore chart Sure  Apartment life isn't easy when you live with messy people Learn how to create a roommate cleaning schedule and get great tips for cohabitating. Chore Charts & Organizational Tips for Living With Roommates {Free Printables} January At the beginning of this year, we made our apartment roommate-friendly This meant College students are way too busy for that! Are you in college? Heading off to college soon? Just out of school? Do you live with roommates? So do I (and I love 'em like crazy!) There are so many things that I'll miss about my roomies when I graduatelaughing as we cook together, snuggling and watching movies, crafting, blasting music to compete with our neighbors' bass, late night food runsI just love them! Sometimes living with roommates can be a bit tricky I mean really, living with roomies is merging multiple personalities with varying morals and values, and different degrees of cleanliness and neatness into one crazy package In order

Keep your apartment clean, while maintaining a peaceful By making a calendar or chore chart, the whole house can see what the chore plan  Check out these simple ideas to help you fairly divide household chores with your roommates so you can keep your house clean and the household happy

Roommate Rift: Apartment Cleaning | Boston College, Off-Campus . I spend more time thinking about cleaning my apartment and working can be different among roommates and chore charts can be ignored This blog is intended to help inform and educate the Boston College community on all things related to the off-campus search and living experience. How to Eliminate 5 College Roommate Squabbles you move in, you might have trouble agreeing how to furnish the apartment work with your roommate to create a handy chore chart (check out our how-to here) that  If you're moving in with a new roommate, or having trouble with your current one, here are five tried and true fixes for the most common roommate problems

A Really Easy Answer to the Feminist Housework Problem. My brother's three-dude college apartment was so filthy it was of much of the feminist commentary surrounding household chores assumes that Look — according to that chart, I performed nine hours of child care and nine  The sloth solution A Really Easy Answer to the Feminist Housework ProblemThe future of feminism Photo: Roadside Attractions Jessica Grose has an interesting piece for The New Republic observing — and also decrying — that husbands may be catching up with childcare. Having lived in both dorm and apartment settings, Laub said she felt like Laub said she tried out chore charts and cleaning assignments her  Surviving college life one roommate at a time. Create a Chore Chart for Your Apartment Roommates the expenses of buying cleaning essentials when you're on a college student's budget The Lofts of Columbia is here to help you learn how to take care of your downtown loft apartment, and divide responsibilities between roommates